2014-2015 Senior Thesis: John Breen

We are adding each of our seniors’ thesis topics to our blog in order to showcase their work. Today is John Breen:

In what ways do public designated Skate jams/parks influence the perception of skateboarders/bikers?

Problem Statement: Currently skateboarders/bikers are viewed as a nuisance to the community and to public/private property all over Milwaukee, and even Wisconsin. It doesn’t help that social media gives them a bad name and most of the time doesn’t give the full story. Skateboarders and bikers are often seen late at night wonderDSCN0281ing from street to street, trying to find places to skate, and are therefore negatively viewed by the public.

Thesis Description: I will organize and create a skate jam/workshop to show people in the community some insight in to the sport of skateboarding. I will also help create and design the ramps and skate park for the new Escuela Verde location. In this process I hope to change the perception of not only how the community views skateboarders but how skateboarding is viewed as whole. At the same time I want to give skateboarders a safe place to exercise and express themselves.

Methodology: I will create a Pre/Post survey to pass out to skateboarders and people who are interested or are new to the sport at the skate jam. This survey will ask if they think creating a workshop/skate jam would help benefit them and how skateboarding is perceived by the general community.

Implications: I believe by creating a skate jam and workshop that the general view of skateboarding will change for the better, and the people who currently know nothing but negative aspects will hopefully change their perspective. Also at the same time this will give skateboarders and bikers a fun and safe place to do what they love.

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