2014-2015 Senior Thesis: Ariana Maldonado

We are adding each of our seniors’ thesis proposals to our blog in order to showcase their work. Today’s belongs to Ariana Maldonado


Title: In what ways does creating an art and craft space in the school affect students stress levels?

Problem statement: Student stress is a big issue in school. Right now, art and music programs are being cut from schools across Milwaukee. So an art room is need to help students relieve stress and express themselves.  The students will be relaxed and a little more stress-free by being in the new art room.

Thesis Description: Art is a big passion to students. Art DSCN0129helps people express themselves and lets them relax. With the art and craft room in the new school, the students can do that. I will be designing and organizing the art room in our new school. The first thing I will do is paint a mural on the wall. Second, all the art supplies will have a shelf for themselves. Lastly, my group will put the furniture in the room.

Methodology: I will conduct a survey on what the students want in the new arts and craft room (paint, furniture, lighting, supplies) and if art helps relieve student stress in any way. I will leading a team to create a digital plan of the art room on Google Sketch.

Implications: By proving the relationship between arts and crafts to stress levels, I may help improve funding for art programs in schools.

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