A Different Perspective on the Sherman Park Uprisisng

bimg_0245y Marlen Alanis, 10th grade

Sherman Park is a diverse and unique neighborhood in many ways , but unfortunately there are conflicts between the races that inhabit it. The problem is that situations arise where there are many misunderstandings and it is believed that some races are not respected.

On August  13 , 2016 there was an event in this place where a white police man killed black man because he only had to fire once to stop and arrest him , but instead he him dead. When this happened, the black community protested in Sherman Park where they burned stores- a beauty salon, a gas station and a bank – to demand the respect to their race. With this situation they wondered if the conflicts between the police and the black community will continue the same or if it will improve. Since it is not the first time this happens they do not feel safe .

What the citizenship proposes is to associate with the Milwaukee police to create and maintain neighborhood capable of sustaining civic life , the police are committed to reducing levels of fear, crime and community disorder.

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1 Response to A Different Perspective on the Sherman Park Uprisisng

  1. Amenah says:

    Marlen, I like how much information you gave us and the picture you provided looks very nice😊😊.

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