Sherman Park’s Best Rated Restaurants

By Amenah Crosby, 8th grade

A month ago I went to Sherman Park to take pictures and videos of the area as part of a school project. When I returned back to the school I started to talk about the restaurants in Sherman Park. So I looked up the top rated restaurants in the area and found Sherman Perks, Stella J’s soul food, Checkers, Ritz Fish Market and McBobs as some of the best rated in the area.

Let me tell you more about these-

Sherman Perk Coffee Shop is a quirky cafe with an old-school diner vibe offering espresso, smoothies, sandwiches and more.  Stella J’s Soul Food I found people said it’s nice to bring your family there and also the employees are friendly and there are reasonable prices. Checkers has double drive-thrus, quick service and is part of a chain of hamburger restaurants operating under the names “Checkers” and “Rallys Hamburgers”. Ritz Fish Market reviews say if your looking for a good burger or fantastic fried fish, the Ritz is your place. Call in your order for faster service and get food for a great price. McBobs is family-owned, no-frills eatery for overstuffed deli; sandwiches, fried fish, pub grub and beers on tap. There are also games.

I want people to know about there food because many people don’t bother to even go over there but there are great things to see and eat.

That sums up my blog about some of the restaurants in Sherman Park.

Do you have any restaurant suggestions you might want to share?
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