A Restaurant on the south side you should check out!

by Cristian Jimenez, 7th grade


Source: Article by Shepherd Express

La isla is the restaurant you should check out. It is a Puerto Rican restaurant. I like it a lot. The busiest time is around 12:00 in the afternoon.

They have traditional Puerto Rican fare but also vegetarian options too. They have lots of options to pick I recommend the stuffed potato it is a potato with ground beef in the middle.

Also, La Isla is safe. There are cameras everywhere so if there was any crime they would have videos of the crime. La Isla has never been robbed before.

La Isla has a three star rating on Yelp. According to this source 2 out of 5 people will not have a good time at la isla. However, the restaurant has been under new administration for 4 months and I had the opportunity to meet with the new owner who is very nice and is a good listener. The employees are really nice and good listeners too. La Isla has been open for five years.

I recommend checking it out.

La Isla address: 3500 w. National Ave.

Phone number:(414)882-7003

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1 Response to A Restaurant on the south side you should check out!

  1. Amenah says:

    Cristian, Thats good that you think La Isla is a good and safe place to eat.🙌🏽

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