An insider’s perspective of Milwaukee’s South Side

by Luna Carranza, 7th grade


My advisory this month was working on how the south side is being showed as a bad place on the news when we turn on the tv to news or the news we hear from other people. We also hear negative comments from people who want to visit the neighborhood- how they are scared because all they hear is bad things that happen. We are trying to show people how it’s not a bad place, as some sources make it look like.
I feel like there is violence everywhere in the world but, from living here, I think my neighborhood is safe.Yes, anything can happen but when I go to bed I sleep in peace and wake up in peace. Once in a while there’s a party next door or you hear the police pass by but Ive never seen anything serious- it could be that we are just staying ready for anything, just like other places .

I wonder what other people think in our neighborhood? What do people think when you talk about the south side?

This place is amazing don’t always focus on that bad little parts of it. I believe instead of judging this south side place why don’t we make it a better place .

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1 Response to An insider’s perspective of Milwaukee’s South Side

  1. Amenah says:

    Luna, i’m glad you feel safe in your neighborhood and I agree there is violence everywhere but Sherman Park is safe.🙅🏻

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