How does an organization like play works help the community develop a sense of safety?

by Yamile Salgado, 10th grade

Playworks is an organization that wants all youth to come together as a team. Having said that, Playworks helps kids to feel safe in their community by taking them outside to play with other kids in the same community. Bringing kids out to play in local areas brings a sense of safety to children because they get comfortable playing with the other kids. As children bond the chances of bullying decrease and the chances of a child having a positive experience and have fun will increase. Kids learn to accept and respect each other and settle their disagreements with words through the healthy play that Playworks offers.

If you were to put a “playworks” in a different community rather than the one on Pierce st, you will see many changes in perspective and in sociability. Why? Well because playworks incorporates diversity, equity, teaches respect and problem solving in their recess activities. They hope to have the community interested in them to share strategies about play and youth development.

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